Monday, July 23, 2012

Speaking of live shows...

I'm hosting Performance Live Extravaganza (PEL) with Lisa again in September. But this year, we are doing things a little differently - splitting by finish, rather than size. The minis had a poor turnout, so we're hoping this should balance things out a little bit more. I personally am really excited for it, as I have a few OFs that usually get beaten by resins and it will be fun to see how they do on their own.

Late last year, I picked up a Breyer Polo Pony on a bit of a whim, thinking he would be a good games pony.

(Pic from this random place here:

This guy is older than me - he was released in 1974 and was available until 1982. He's in pretty good nick for his age, although his base is a bit warped. That's a shame, because the Polo Pony has a weird triangle-shaped peg in the foot which makes a temporary base almost impossible. :(

While he would be a good polo entry (obviously), I don't have time to make all the wondrous strap goods that a polo pony wears, nor do I want to add slits to one of my existing saddles to make it a polo one. So into the games class he shall go - but which game should he be playing?

There is sword lancers (bit difficult without a doll to hold the sword!):

Pole bending aka Speedweavers (probably too fast for this one):

Maybe he can do Socks and Buckets:

or Litter Lifters (look at the air on that pony!)

Or maybe even the Associate Race:

While I haven't decided yet, you can be sure he will be wearing an obnoxious, fluoro 'PVC' bridle!

And maybe some crazy boots for good measure!

I will also have my BHR Drafter resin home from Karen Zorn by then as well. He looks like this, only Karen has added some wonderful detailed mane and tail ribbon bob thingys.

I don't have any dolls that are appropriately dressed for an in-hand class, and I think that might rule him out of ground driving too. He's not going fast enough for Jennifer Buxton's famous draft horse barrel racing, so I don't know what that leaves for him. Any ideas?

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