Saturday, March 10, 2012

Adjustable Western stirrups

I'm not sure what I was scared about with turning the fenders on the Kirsteen Haley saddle into adjustable ones. It was so easy I wonder why it isn't done on all saddles!

The swinging fenders I blogged about - my first change to the saddle.

With one good photo from Riversong Musings, we now have adjustable stirrups!

The most difficult part of the process was making sure the strap went in through the buckle in the right direction.

Wrong way.
Right way!

But as soon as I hung my stirrup, I realised it was the wrong size! *sad face* I looked up TWMHC's listings and I think it's the 'small trad/pony' size of RDLC stirrup.

I compared it to a stirrup on a Western saddle from Robyn McCrae, and now it's bleedingly obvious that it's the wrong size. It's not a huge drama - I bought them in a hardware lot from MHSP so it's no one's fault but my own for not checking earlier.

Since I don't have the dye that Kirsteen used (Eco-Flo Timber Brown) I'm not sure what to do. I only JUST placed an order with Rio Rondo last week (of course) so I can't order directly from them - $10 postage for a $7 pair of stirrups? Let's not. TWMHC doesn't seem to stock any classic-size Western stirrups. I do have some leather lace on order and I am hoping that the tan colour will match the dye so I can make leather stirrups, but other than that, I might just have to wait for some silver stirrups to turn up on MHSP!

In the meantime I'll do the little hobble-strap thing that goes above the stirrup, and think about what silver I'm going to put on the saddle skirts.


  1. I had a thought today, I'm meant to be placing an order with Rio Rondo sometime soon, if, when I get round to placing the order, you haven't found any stirrups, I could include them in my order then send them to you when they get here?

    1. Yes please! Likely I won't be ordering from RR for a while (of course) so that would be wonderful. :)

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