Thursday, May 19, 2011

Silver 'plates'

I really enjoy working with my silver leather, but sometimes, when it doesn't want to really cooperate, I start to lose it a little.

This bridle was intended to be a donation for Knox Live, but after I put the ear browbands on, I got completely discouraged and set it aside.

Why? I thought I was being super smart when I tried making this browband. My idea was to cut intervals in the leather and overlap them so that the leather stayed flat as it curved around the ear. Great in theory, but not so great in practice.

The silver wouldn't skive thin enough (which is difficult to do in the first place as you can't stretch it or the silver coating cracks), so when I cut the intervals and overlapped them, you can see the edges of the black underside.

I don't know if this is an idea worth pursuing (you can see the earpieces don't sit flat anyway) and attempting to improve it.

In slightly-related news, I really like Erin Corbett's use of nailheads on etched bits - it's pretty cute and an easy way to dress up cheap bits. I've found a supplier who sells coloured nailheads so I may purchase those in the future. (These 2mm silver ones are from Allison of TWMHC.)


  1. Just a suggestion with your brow plates; Rio Rondo sells one ear plates that you could probably alter.

  2. I know, I'm just a tightass :P and like making affordable tack.