Racing Saddles for Order

Last updated: December 2012 

This page serves as a gallery to show you the options available when ordering a custom racing saddle set for your traditional or classic model horse. There are many, many options available so you can be as specific as you please, or leave it up to the tackmaker to create something for you. I can also copy from photos (to the best of my abilities) if you would like a portrait set or just don't know what to ask for. :)

The racing tack below is based off gear used in Australian racing. If you have your heart set on a style from another country, please supply plenty of photos when placing your order. If you don't specify, your racing set will be made following Australian styles.

Short Order Form
Long Order Form
Colour Choices
Bridle Styles
Breastplates and Saddles

Pricing and Payment:
  • Full set (saddle, bridle, breastplate, cast stirrups, handmade bit): $65 AUD
  • Full set plus bit: (above, but with cast TWMHC D-ring or O-ring bit): $75 AUD
  • Saddle/bridle only: $55 AUD
Bridles include a handmade O-ring snaffle bit and tongue buckles as standard. Slip buckles on the bridles are available on request. Some other accessories incur extra charges: please see below. Sets do not come with a saddle pad/blanket. You will need to source these elsewhere.

Subtract $5 from the above prices for a classic-scale set.

Shipping is additional to the prices above. 
  • International payment: PayPal only (no credit cards please). 
  • Australian payment: direct deposit (preferred), Paypal, money order. No cheques.
Please send your completed order form (and reference pics if required) to me at this address. Orders require a 50% deposit to be paid at the time of ordering. Orders are expected to be completed in two to four weeks.


Short Order Form
Use this form for simple orders, or where you are happy for me to have a little creativity in creating your piece.
  • Set type: (full set, full set plus bit, saddle/bridle only)
  • Scale: (traditional or classic)
  • To fit: (Lonesome Glory, Ruffian, Smarty Jones) 
  • Main colours:
  • Any specific requests: (eg, black as highlight, no silver hardware, only a barcoo bridle, no stitchmarking, no contrast rubber colour on reins, etc)

Long Order Form

Fill out this form when placing your order if you want full control over every single colour used:
  • Set type: (full set, full set plus bit, saddle/bridle only)
  • Scale: (traditional or classic) 
  • To fit: (Lonesome Glory, Ruffian, Smarty Jones)
  • Saddle style: (Australian or other)
  • Bridle style: (see list below)
  • Bridle main colour:
  • Bridle 'highlight' colour: (padding, keepers etc. Can be same as main colour.)
  • Bridle hardware colour:
  • Saddle body colour: 
  • Girth type: (full elastic or featherweight with elastic insert)
  • Girth colour: (elastic colour, or the colour of the nylon)
  • Girth 'highlight' colour: (either the leather used for the strap/keepers on fully-elastic girths, or the colour of the elastic on featherweight girths)
  • Any other specific requests: (conchos on browband, no stitchmarking, etc)
 Breastplates, if included in the order, are made to match the girth in terms of colour choice.

Colour Choices

Elastic colours available:
  • black
  • white
Hardware colours available:
  • silver
  • gold
Nylon (featherweight) colours available:
  • Black
  • green
  • royal blue
  • cornflower blue
  • yellow
  • red
  • purple
  • teal
  • pink
Leather colours available:
  • Black
  • chocolate (dark brown)
PVC/Biothane-style colours available:
Genuine kangaroo leather.
  • green
  • royal blue
  • cornflower blue
  • yellow
  • red
  • purple
  • teal
  • pink


Click on the text links to see examples on real Australian race horses.

English Riding Bridle

These are bridles that are very similar in style to riding English bridles. They are used with or without nosebands. Bits are removable via buckles on the cheekpiece. These are available in 'PVC/Biothane' or regular leather (brown/black) colours.

Below, an English-style PVC bridle with cast D-ring bit.


Barcoo bridles are more adjustable in terms of fitting a model's head length.

Note: all-white, and white-majority bridles are available, but they incur an extra cost of $5 per bridle.

Nosebands are available in the following styles: cavesson, flash (Hanoverian), Grackle (figure-8), or cheeker. There is no extra cost for choosing any style of these nosebands.

While the most common bit is the ring bit (also known as a Dexter or Tattersall's bit), I cannot recreate this bit in model scale. Other common bits include the D-ring and O-ring snaffle.

Daley Park bridles include a hand-made snaffle bit by default. Cast bits from TWMHC or Rio Rondo are available for an extra charge of $10.

Below, a barcoo-style PVC bridle with handmade O-ring bit.

Below: another barcoo-style bridle with handmade bit, this time without contrast keepers.

Reins are attached using a loop fixture. Buckle attachments for reins are not seen in Australian racing, but if the bridle is being made to represent one from another country, buckle attachments may be allowed.

Simulated 'rubber' or grip areas are included as standard on racing reins, in either matching or contrast colour.

Browbands are usually basic in style. Metal-accent browbands are sometimes seen in real life, but are not currently available from Daley Park in model scale. PVC browbands, and cavesson nosebands, in model scale feature padding as standard, in either matching or contrast colours.

Conchos (metal rosettes) on browband ends are available in colours to match the hardware at no extra cost.

Ribbon browbands are available at an extra cost.

Bridle Accessories
You can choose to have a shadow roll or fleece cheeks at an extra cost ($5). Bit lifters are available at an extra cost ($5). Winkers (hoods with eye cups) are also worn, but I do not make these and they are not available from me.

Below, an example of a noseband shadow roll on an English-style PVC bridle.

Breastplates and Saddles

Fully elastic breastplates (also called breastgirths) are included as standard. Available colours are black or white elastic, and leather straps/keepers in any bridle colours.

Featherweight (nylon) breastplates with elastic inserts are available in colours to match the girth/surcingle.

The Daley Park racing saddle is based off the Zilco synthetic patent race saddles. The Daley Park race saddle is made from black or dark brown genuine kangaroo leather, and features adjustable stirrups, cast RDLC racing stirrups, tongue buckle billets and is built on a sturdy metal tree that can be gently formed to fit your model. Basic stitchmarking is included as standard.

Extra, decorative, stitchmarking around the edge of the flaps is available on request, for no extra charge.

Girths and Surcingles

Girths and surcingles (overgirths) are available in all-elastic or featherweight (nylon with elastic insert) varieties. These are often made in colours to match the rest of the order, but neutral colours can be ordered as well.

 Above: an all-elastic girth and surcingle (shown with an earlier-style saddle).

Above: a featherweight-style girth and surcingle with elastic inserts.