Friday, October 19, 2012

Incoming shipment.

The ponies have a cart.

Repeat: the Karen ponies have a cart!

This adorable little spider phaeton was made for me by Reuben of Kulp Enterprises. It's black (all metal) with silver trim.

I even got single shafts to go with it so I can use the ponies on their own as well.

Although I do eventually intend to get the ponies their scurry cart, I can't afford Bill Duncan's prices now (or ever, lol) so this phaeton was a bit of a test as Reuben didn't have any pictures of non-wooden carts on his site.

I'm fairly pleased with it. I can just see Apollo or Tommy rocketing through a cones course now!

Reuben also made me this adorable gig for Rosie.

I just love the detail in the slats, and the stain on the wood.

Unfortunately I managed to botch the measurements and the shafts ended up too narrow for her fat Welshy-ness, so I have to send it back for a new set.

In the meantime, I guess I have a couple of harnesses to work on!


  1. Hi! I'm a new reader, and also an Aussie! I looooveee reading about Model horses, and drool over them in stores. When I have money, I'd love to join the hobby.
    Love the blog- and great tack! (I especially love the PVC bridles. So realistic.)

    1. Hi Leesh - nice to hear from you! Thank you for commenting. :)
      Welcome to the hobby! I promise you don't need money to be in the hobby! You should come join the AIMHC forum - it's a great forum for Aussie hobbyists (and not just for members of the AIMHC club). Lots of ponies to drool over there! I assume you're also on the other forums (Blab, and/or Fallen Leaves) and have discovered the MHSP? If not, oops, I'm sorry for the drool you'll now have on your keyboard :P
      (I snooped through your blog and have added it to my RSS list - sounds interesting, and Maestro is gorgeous!)

    2. Oh dear. I've already sent a dozen e-mails asking about shipping to Aus. So many pretty models that I could afford! Right now I only have an old Seabiscuit... and he just looks so lonely by himself!
      I'll have to talk to you more about the hobby in Aus!

    3. Haha, I apologise in advance for the hole in your wallet! :D

      Please stop by the forum and say hello (it's a lot better for conversation than this old thing) as we can all talk models for days! :D See you there?

    4. I've just joined blab and AIMHC. I have NO clue how to use either of them, but I'll figure it out!
      See you on the forums!

    5. It's really easy, I promise! Each link on the main page is a board - click on it to open the board and see the titles of the posts there. Click on a post title to view the thread - if you want to reply there's a box down the bottom. You'll be winging your way around in no time! :D
      If you get stuck you can email me: or PM me on the forum (username admin).

  2. *sings whilst dancing* "I'm so excited ..and I just can't hide it"

    Gorgeous Danielle! LOVE them both :)

    1. Notice how they both shave names and yet they still get called "the Karen ponies"? I think that name might stick with them forever... :P

  3. *nods* that's 'cause they really are mine :D