Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well, it's happened!

I've been sitting on this piece of news for a little bit, as I didn't think it was going to happen, but it has!

Last year I applied to get into a diploma course for enrolled nursing. The slight problem with this course is that it is on the other side of the country. I currently live in Melbourne, and the course is in Perth.

Semi-related pic is semi-related.

So getting into said course means only one thing - moving!

I fly out of Victoria on the 31st of January - about a week from now - and my course starts on the 4th of February. Because I am returning to study, I have made the decision to close my books and stop working on tack while I'm over there.

The course runs for 18 months, but who knows - I might end up with a job afterwards and stay there for a little while. So at this stage I can't predict when my books will reopen or when I will be back to making tack again.

This blog might get updated if I attend horse shows and have photos to share, but pretty much you should expect it to go quiet. If you add it to your RSS reader you will be notified of any new posts, though!

Thanks to everyone for their support and hose who have ordered from me up until now - it saddens me to stop making tack for such a long period, but in the meantime I hope to build up a lo of inspiration for my return!

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