Friday, June 29, 2012

Saddle #3, part 1

This pattern making thing is hard!

It took me four goes to come up with a free-hand flap shape and size of a saddle I was happy with. And throughout the construction process I had to remake some patterns several times again, though I expect that's pretty normal for constructing a new pattern. The pattern above is for the general flap and seat size - from this pattern I made multiples and used that to construct the other pieces.

What I didn't expect was the number of times my fat fingers would get glue marks on something once I got into the messy side of things. As per my previous post, the upper flap piece has been redone, and I've had to redo the seat three times as well. Due to the cold weather here, we've had the ducted heating on high which is making my glue runny, but obviously I have to foot some of the blame too!

Tonight I got seat three mostly done, and started to pretend-assemble the pieces so I could see where to cut the slots for the tree. And, um...

The tree is not completely around in the seat area, and it's not big enough to cover the padding underneath it. (You can't see it very well in the photo, but the padding from the lower flap sticks out the side a bit.)

I think the location of the tree is fine, just the seat area needs to be wider to ensure it's flush with the edge of the padding. Should be an easy-enough fix, hopefully.

Back to the graph paper for tree number 5!

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