Thursday, October 4, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

This is what my order list looks like at the moment:

2 x traditional racing sets (one for a customer, one for sale)
1 x classic bridle for Stacey before December
1 x classic bridle for Lisa's D'Arry CM classic Haflinger
1 x traditional lunge set for Stacey before December

Then as always after a show, there are pieces of my tack that I need to fix or remake:

2 x classic girths to make (one to be done before December)
2 x classic bridles
1 x stallion presentation surcingle (Doorstop's, before December)
1 x trad Western bridle for Stacey

Luckily I am all amped up and ready to work! Just need to finish that sale saddle so I can get some cash to buy more lace. I might have also bought two hides from Packers, too. >.> But one of them should (hopefully) be the fabled dark brown I am looking for!

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