Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saddleseat bridles

FC contacted me about six weeks ago to organise an order of two traditional saddleseat bridles for her ever-growing collection of Saddlebreds. A couple of years ago, when I was just starting out taking orders, I made her some saddleseat bridles.

This was 'back in the day' where the only tack colours I owned were black and this mid-brown. The browbands and nosebands were made with a combination of white and clear nail polish and pen ink. Hehe! These days I am lucky to have a ton of coloured leather at my disposal thanks to my awesome supplier Amazing Oz, so it's real coloured leather this time around.

FC had already bought two TWMHC Weymouth bits, but didn't want to post them, so we agreed to meet up at Mini Mania Live.

Bridle one is in a lovely dark chocolate brown (I'm really starting to fall in love with this colour again - it comes up with a lovely shine when treated with gum trag) with a red browband.

(I'm using Lonesome Glory as a fit model, as he has a fairly long and skinny head. I hope he will be a reasonable substitute for FC's Saddlebreds.)

Bridle two is the same, but with a cornflower blue browband.

While FC requested cornflower blue, she also requested the tapered browband style that is popular in the show ring. Unfortunately I don't have cornflower blue in the wider width (4.5mm) that I used for the red browband, so I've also made her a royal blue tapered browband (not shown), as that is a colour I do have in the wider lace.

We all know that I'm not so good with cutting straight, so I was worried about how to do the tapered browbands, until I came across this set on MHSP:

and I realised the browband on that set just had tapered ends, not that the entire browband was gently tapered. That's something I can do! In model scale you don't really notice the difference and I am quite pleased with the effect. Hopefully FC will be too!

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