Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orders up to my ears!

Well, this is exciting! I don't usually get orders, but suddenly I have them coming out my ears!

FC: Two traditional saddleseat bridles in dark brown (received bits and pictures at Mini Mania)
Dan: Two pairs dark brown/dark brown skid boots, one to fit Rose Reiner, the other to fit Smarty Jones. Donation for BANG (Black and Gold Live, May 29)

I've also promised a donation to Central Coast Live on July 2. The host, Jennie, will be donating all profits to her friend's partner, Andrew Macintosh, who was recently diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. She's given me permission to post the story here on my blog.

"Those of you who were at Central Coast live 2010 would have met my friend, Nicole, who was judging the Custom Trad/classic section. 

In August 2010 Nicole's, then partner, Andrew was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. MND is a disease where the nerves that supply the muscles die, the muscles then wither, including muscles that control swallowing, speaking and other vital areas. 

Nicole and Andrew were in the process of building their own home - 2 storey.

Nicole and Andrew were married in April. At a recent fundraising event for Andrew, I learnt of the amount of money that is required for Andrew's treatment and equipment to keep him comfortable. It costs approx $40,000 to get him to China for the Stem Cell Treatment that is the only treatment with the possibility of a better quality of life.
I had planned to keep any profit from Central Coast Live 2011 to fund future shows, but I now see that any profit would be better used to help Andrew while he is with us.

So, for as long as we have him, Central Coast Live will be a fundraiser for the Andrew Macintosh fund. Thank you to all those people who support my show and the raffle, it is going to a good cause."

While I have never met Andrew, or even Jennie, I am always happy to help out where I can. I only hope that my donation to the raffle will help Andrew get to China quicker for his treatment.

If you would like to buy raffle tickets, please email Jennie or visit the show's website.

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