Friday, March 9, 2012

Hole punches

After reading Jennifer Buxton's post a couple of weeks ago about her choice of bridle hole punches, I went out and bought the recommended brand. (And so did the rest of the tack making community! I think Staedtler share price increased dramatically in the time after that post! :P)


I had a whole blog post planned around how average this pencil is.

Pics too, versus my 0.5mm Pental Techniclick.

But um, I just realised I have totally bought the wrong pencil. I must have got mixed up in my search, because I bought the Staedtler Mars Micro 0.3mm, and not the Staedtler 925 0.3mm. How embarrassing.

Back to eBay I go - hopefully for the right product this time!


  1. Not embarrassing at all! Sometimes when you buy the "wrong" thing, you discover something even better. I think the worst thing is to get stuck in "this is the only way that can possibly work" mentality.

    And the pencils *do* work really well for me. I know there are other tackmakers who don't like them, but I have no complaints!

    1. Oh yes, to true. In this case, I learnt that the Mars Micro isn't suitable for hole punching, and would recommend against it, so I suppose there is that lesson!

      I bought a couple on ebay of the RIGHT brand,and am anxiously waiting for them to arrive.