Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mail day!

Well, more like mail week, really.

On Monday, I received an order of syringe needles.

Yes, really. A fellow Australian tackmaker uses these little beauties to punch holes in her bridle straps. I didn't make the connection that hypodermic needles would have thinner metal than that on mechanical pencils, so unfortunately I ordered too small (0.4mm and 0.3mm, respectively). I will place another order later today for some larger sizes. Luckily they are fairly cheap (less than $10 for a box of 100, plus postage). I really truly hope these work for me, as I am anxious to move onto tongue buckle bridles already!

Then on Tuesday I received a new tube of glue.

A couple of weeks ago I was getting super frustrated with the silver plates on a bridle I was making, so turned to the achieves of the Modelhorsetack Yahoo Group. One of the brands that got a few mentions was this E6000 glue, and I used eBay to find a seller. I haven't used it yet, but will later today! I need a couple of silver halters for Ultimate Gold Live.

Then on Wednesday I received my order of a hide from Amazing Lace, the company I purchase my pre-dyed lace from.

Oh leather, glorious leather! I may have spent a few embarrassing moments clutching the hide to my face. Amazing Lace's leather always smells so good. It has a few blemishes, but there is so much of that glorious, practically invisible grain I love so much that I can ignore a few marks. ;)

And then last but not least, I got more leather today!

This is bookbinding kangaroo leather, from Packers, a tannery in QLD. This leather comes recommended by Lauren Islip of Four Corners Tack, over in WA (who I will be meeting at UG - eek!). She bought a few hides and really liked them, so I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered some too, one in black and the other in brandy. They are seconds, but at $15 a pop, I'm not complaining!

It's a bit thinner than my Amazing Lace hide, and the brandy is a bit glossier than I would like, but I'll play with it and we'll see how we go. Bonus: the brandy hide is positively ginormous! I've got no hope of ever using it all up!

Oh, and last week I got a new bottle of gum trag (I can't believe I've almost finished the first one, haha),and a bottle of Edge Kote in black, as well as a nylon edge slicker and some wool daubers. I've actually been using the Edge Kote on the last English saddle - it works surprisingly well. I didn't think I would need it since the Amazing Lace leather is pre-dyed, but it just helps to neaten up the grey edges (which aren't all that grey in real life, but catch the camera flash awfully well).

Any tips on storing these hides? I don't have anywhere flat to lie them out. Should I leave them whole, or cut them into large chunks? That's what I've been doing with my scraps, but I'm not sure if it's the ~correct~ method.

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