Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ultimate Gold 2012

BFF Stacey ran Ultimate Gold live show over the weekend, and I flew in for a 46-hour visit so I could attend and help out.

With a small number of entrants, it was intimate and relaxed, with a small class list. I was super-prepared for performance - that never happens! - and the venue, which we'd never used before, was a comfortable size, with great facilities.

With us we had new-to-model-horses Juanita, who has lots of experience in the real horse world, but was pretty unfamiliar with hobby. Still, with a little guidance she made a great judge. She looked after performance, collectability and CM/AR halter; Stacey judged workmanship, and I judged OF halter.

Let's get into the photos. There's a lot, so jump behind the cut to have a looksee.

Judge Juanita examining the entries in the first class of the day, English Flatwork....

...which was won by Stacey's Deputed Duke, shown as Redwood Princeton (I think).

Stacey also got 5th with her Ricardo resin.

There were two Darcys on the table in this class - the buckskin is owned by Stacey, and this bay is owned by Lauren Islip of Four Corners Tack.

I had two entries in this class: Nabraska, in her dressage set up (and the only entry on the table without a doll), and Rosie in her leadline setup. I don't remember how they did - they might not have placed at all.

Next up was the other English class, English with Obstacles. Nabraska got 2nd with her trail entry - yay!

And Stacey's Darling resin won first place, also with a trail set up.

Onto Western, and the first class was Western Pleasure. Stacey continued to sweep up, with her Knightly Cadence resin taking first with tack and doll borrowed from Lisa Winkworth.

My three entries got 3rd (Khalisah),

fourth (Firestar Lady),

and 5th (Deal Me In).

Lauren's entry with this model came second. This model is painted by Deborah Brown, who I am sending some models to very soon. I hadn't seen any of her work in person before this.

The second and final Western class was Other Western Performance. Stacey got another blue with Redwood Riff Raff.

This other Reiner (I think owned by Lauren Islip?) won second.

My entries took fourth (Firestar Lady), fifth (Khalisah), sixth (Deal Me In) and nothing (Streetwise).

The next class was a combined Handler/Showmanship class. Dear Nab took first! She is a Sue Kern custom; the doll is by Joan Yount, and the bridle is by Robyn McCrae.

 I was thrilled to discover little Fluffy took  second! This little Western doll is also by Joan, and is the first time she has been shown with Fluffy. She was ordered specifically for him and they were supposed to debut at Melbourne Live, but Fluffy was still in the mail back from Sue and didn't arrive in time. New doll doesn't have a name, but I REALLY love her little hat!

Rosie took third, with (you guessed it), a Joan Yount doll. Rosie's bridle is by Robyn McCrae,m although I did her ribbon browband, and competition number holder.

The final performance class was Other Performance. Lauren Islip's Dante resin won equal first place...

...with Stacey's Willoughby resin, in his first time out in harness.

Stacey's Ringo resin, painted by Karen Zorn, won second (not sure of the doll, but his parade set is by Marilyn Fowler),

An Arabian costume entry, which I don't have a photo of, won third, and poor Fluffy in his last-minute, half-hearted Horse Agility set up came last/fourth.I'm not at all surprised, his handler isn't in the right clothing, he shouldn't be wearing a show halter, and the ring is a bit chunky, but really I just wanted to beef up the class numbers. ;) I knew he didn't have a hope!

Redwood Princeton took Reserve Grand Champion Performance,

And her Knightly Cadance took Grand.

Next came Workmanship. On the far left we have the traditional/classic Professional Repaint class, and on the right, the minis. And before you say anything, the micros are not all mine! There are about 38 minis in that class. Poor Stacey!

Stacey proxied for our friend Lisa, and her Working Girl, painted by Sommer Prosser (I think) won the mini workmanship class.

Another of Lisa's horses, DW Starstruck, won the Pro Repaint/Reposition class, won Champion Workmanship, and Reserve Grand Champion Non-Halter.

This lovely OF Spago won the single Collectability class and Champion Collectability, and then took Grand Champion Non-Halter.

Stacey's custom Weathergirl won the CM/AR Arabian breed class,

and her Darcy won the CM/AR Other Light Breed class.

Another horse Stacey was proxying for Abby McMurrich won second in the CM/AR Other Stock Breed class.

The large CM/AR Other Stock Breed class.

This cute Mini Indy won the CM/ARGaited Breed class.

Stacey's Ringo got second.

And her Willoughby got second in the CM/AR Bay class.

Robyn Hall was the one who owned the vast majority ofminis in the Mini Workmanship class! Here she is with the OF Weathergirl donated to the UG Raffle by the awesome Vanessa Knight of Top Tac, the great company that imports Breyers into Australia for us.

A proxy entry owned by Abby McMurrich won sixth in the CM/AR Pinto class. She won this model from the raffle at DUN last year.

Stacey's Darling won the CM/ARPinto class. Judge really liked her!

Stacey's Ricky got second in the same class. Anyone recognise that trotting WB directly behind Ricky? He's a custom created and painted by the uber-talented Karen Grigson of Bluebird Studios!

Lisa's Little Lonestar won first in CM/AROther Colour.

Stacey's Darling won Reserve Champion CM/AR Colour.

And her Darcy won Champion Colour, and the Dilute colour class too.

And her Duke won Champion CM/AR Breed, and Grand Champion CM/A.

And Darcy won Reserve.

I was judging OFs, so between that and the very small classes, I won't have a lot of photos.

The Spago that won Champion Collectability took Champion OF Breed,

And Reserve went to this Huck. I think it is TS Black Tie Affaire, an SR from last year?

Stacey's little Josh, a Newswerthy, won his colour class.

And her glossy Heartbreaker took second.

I think the Spago went on to take Grand Champion OF, and then it was the battle of the three Grand Champions for Supreme Champion!

Spago took Supreme,

And Stacey's Duke went Reserve to him.

 Sweet newbie Maddy won Reserve Grand Champion OF with her Sato. She was thrilled with her rosette!

Robyn's son Brandon took great delight in wearing Spago's rosettes for the rest of the day while we packed. He was a great little photographer too!

And that was Ultimate Gold!

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