Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tacky tack

While brtowsing online today, looking for inspiration for a project, I stumbled across something that made my heart skip a beat.

Anyone who knows me relatively well knows I'm obsessed with stars, so this little beauty went right into my reference file!

It's got hair-on cowhide inside the stars (blegh), but can you imagine it with metallic silver inside? And that tooling! I need a barrel racer mare, stat!

They also had a heart-style version too.

ONE DAY, I will find someone to make this star set, and a matching saddle, for me!

I kept looking through their store, and then found this monstrosity, which inspired the title of today's post:

It's metallic (coated leather, I suppose) with conchos and studs.

I mean, I'm sure someone out there will love it, but it ain't me!

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