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Performance Extravaganza Live Show 2012 - part 1 - CM/AR

The second PEL show was on yesterday. Technically I co-hosted it with Lisa Winkworth, but she was awesome and did all the work, so she gets full credit for a brilliant show.

Unfortunately, interest was low; aside from Lisa and myself, only four others turned up. Still, the competition was fierce! The show was divided into two divisions: CM/AR and OF, both with the same class list (roughly 18 classes each). We had a late start, with judging by Karen Grigson of Bluebird Studio fame beginning at 10.30am.

Lots of pics after the cut!

We started off with the Harness classes, of which there was only one entry - me! BFF Stacey made me a base when I was over in WA in July for Ultimate Gold, and dp. Dream Master, aka Teddy, got to have first go on it at the show.

Next up was Other Performance. Lionswood Benjamin, aka Doorstop (really. He weighs almost 1kg!) debuted for his first time around with a 'led' entry, and took first place! He has his own post here.

The next class was Open Costume. I didn't have any entries in this, but first place went to this Arabian costume entry, owned by Michelle Arthur.

This Little Bo Peep entry in the same class took third, but was owned by resident performance queen, Katrina Sterry. I thought it was adorable!

The last class in the Other Performance division was a combined Handler/Showmanship. I was thrilled when Fluffy (dp. Streetwise) took first place! Nabraska, another Sue Kern custom, was also entered here with an English Handler set up, but I don't remember how she went.

I was a genius and forgot to bring the Champion lapels, so we used the chocolate awards as markers for the photos. Fluffy went on to take Reserve Champion Other Performance, and Doorstop took Champion! I was so excited, particularly as now he would be going up for Supreme Champion CM/AR now, against the Grand Champions of English and Western!

English was up next, beginning with Other English Performance. I had two entries here, dp. Astral Fairy Wings (Rosie) and dp. Nabraska, both with PC Handy Mount set ups. Nab earned herself a DUN card by placing second,

and Rosie got fourth with her curtain set up. Does the curtain look familiar? It's my horse agility one Lisa made for me for ML!

Katrina won with this cute leadline entry, which is a custom of the Breyer Polo Pony.

English Pleasure/Show Hack was next, and this was probably one of the biggest classes of the show.

Dixie earned herself a very respectable second,

beaten only by a Katrina Sterry entry.

Dressage was next, and I put Nab in her pony club saddle cloth, forgetting that her explanation card indicates she is competing EA. Whoops! That blooper knocked her down to fourth place.

Lisa's two D'Arry entries came equal fifth. Her little Stablemate, DW Starstuck, won Supreme Exhibit at Mini Mania earlier this year.

Her Hafling Pony custom was a new purchase, but I don't think the judge liked the bridle that D'Arry sent for her, so Lisa has asked me to make her a new bridle.

Katrina won first place:

I think she took second too.

After that we had English Arena Trail. I was supposed to have two entries in this class, but had to scratch Teddy as I forgot his bridle - d'oh! So Nabraska was left of the Daley Park team, and she was pinned third,

beaten by Katrina's balloon set up. (This won Supreme at Foothills Live back in 2009!)

Katrina's other trail entry, this cute D'Arry custom, took second place.

I didn't get photos of who took Champion and Reserve, but I think Katrina's grey hacking entry took one of the placings.

Next up we started the Other English category, with Cross Country/Show Jumping the first class. Teddy had an entry here too (I was really looking forward to using the jump Stacey made me) but again, he was scratched. First place went to Tanya French's deserving Stablemate entry.

How cute is it? She made the tack as well as the jump, and CMed the horse. Multi-talented, for sure!

Another of Lisa's D'Arry entries, over this adorable butterfly fence, took fourth.

Handy Hunter/Hunter Over Fences was next, and Nabraska's entry here was scratched because I forgot the jump cups for her jump. Oops!

Mounted Games was the next class, and this was exciting for me because I could FINALLY debut one of the two ponies Karen customised for me! dp. Astral Spaceman, aka Apollo, had a Saddle Race set up, which I borrowed one of Lisa's Pebbles saddles for. Unfortunately it doesn't fit him, though! He pinned second with this set up,

beaten by Katrina's Mindy Berg-customised Stormwatch. Stormwatch went on to be pinned Grand Champion English Performance,

while Tanya's adorable cross country set up took Reserve.

Whew! Now we could start on the Western classes! We began with Western Pleasure Stock Breeds, which Katrina won with her Valor resin (I think it's Valor).

Dixie took a respectable fourth.

Lisa's Graylea Whisper resin took second. Woo, go Lisa!

Next was a big Western Pleasure Other Breeds class. My two entries, Luna and Chip, took third and sixth. I didn't see who won.

Western Arena Trail was next, and Katrina's big grey came back to win first place with this great gate entry.

Lisa got another red ribbon with Moonlight Serenade, who is painted by D'Arry.

Chip took fourth, Luna fifth, and Dixie sixth.

Then we had Champion Western Arena Performance, which went to two of Katrina's entries:

Cattle Events was the next class, which Katrina won with her Miss Moneypenny (who won Supreme TR/CL Exhibit at last year's PEL). I believe the other entry was Lisa's Whiplash, but I didn't grab a photo.

After that we had Speed Games - yeehaw! Lisa took a blue with Whiplash,

 and Katrina's Hazel resin (who won Supreme at Knox Live a few years ago, with a different entry), took second. The guy on the rug/tarp/thing got a few comments on his bright green top!

Katrina's Western Riding entry (this model used to be a Matriarch!) won Champion,

while Reserve went to Lisa's Whiplash.

And then Katrina's Valor took Reserve Grand Champion Western, and the Matriarch went Grand.

Judge Karen Grigson examining the three entries (Champion Other Performance, Grand English and Grand Western) up for contention for the Supreme Champion CM/AR award.

Huzzah! Lionswood Benjamin wins the big starry rosette!

Thank you, Karen!

The OF division will follow in another post!

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