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Performance Extravaganza Live Show 2012 - part 2 OF

Here's the OF division from PEL this year. Pics after the cut!

Sadly the OF division had nowhere near the same numbers of entries as the CM/AR classes. Two of our entrants left as they weren't entered in this part of the show. Sad, but oh well.

We ran with the same class list as for CM/AR, but as there were a lot less entries, we had a lot of empty classes. There were no harness entries, and only one Other Performance (dp. Last Chance, Honey aka Missy with her horse agility curtain.) I didn't get any pics as the curtain decided to break apart (again; I'd stuck it back together with sticky wax but it gave out). Luckily Karen was nice and gave me a ribbon for it anyway. :)

There was a costume entry (there might have been more; I didn't see) on this cute rose grey Stone Arab:

 And in the Handler/Showmanship class there were three entries. Two were my Ariat mares:

and the third was a short-tail Lady Phase, owned by Carolyn Turner, who won the class.

The Stone Arab went on to win Champion Other Performance, while Carolyn's entry took Reserve. :)

Onto the English classes! There were no entries for Other English, so we moved right along to Pleasure/Show Hack, which was won by dp. Flambeau (doesn't his hack entry look so much better on the base?), and second went to Missy.

In the Dressage class, Lisa's lovely PS Warmblood took the blue!

After a rapid tack change (I really need to make an easy-remove competition number), Beau snuck into this class at the last minute too, but I don't remember how he did.Second, I think, since he was probably the only other entry.

The last class in this category was English Arena Trail, in which Missy was the only entry. I didn't even get a pic, which is annoying, as I wanted to show you the adorable flowerpots I got!

Champion English Arena went to Lisa's dressage entry, I think. I don't remember who picked up Reserve.

There were no Cross Country/Showjumping entries, and Missy was the only entry in the Handy Hunter/Hunter Over Fences entry. Look, flower pots!

We dove into the next class, Mounted Games, with two entries, and only one was mine - woo! You might recognise Polo Pony from this post here where I discussed his awesome PVC bridle. The judge, Karen, really liked it too, enough to award him first place, even though I left his Association Game containers at home (after I worked so hard on them!) and subbed him into the Phone Book Race, and Karen was kind enough to ignore the fact that his borrowed explanation said he was trotting instead of galloping, lol! He was also wearing the wrong saddle... He was meant to be wearing the 'Wintec' (which is one of my smaller general purposes saddles, but the seat and knee pads look like the extra-grippy material they use on Wintec saddles) but Missy was still wearing it, so he got the ugly general purpose saddle.

Polo Pony must have really impressed Karen, because she gave him the Champion chocolates, and Missy's Handy Hunter set up took Reserve. :)

Now came the exciting Grand Champion English awarding! Lisa's PS Warmblood won a deserving Reserve Grand!

And Polo Pony ran away with the blue!

I was feeling a bit bad at this point (I never do this well at shows!) so was thrilled for Lisa when her Stone Performance Horse won first in the Western Pleasure Stock Breeds class. I love his colour!

I had two entries in this class, a bay overo loping QH Mare (dp. Oak's Flyin High, aka Skye), and dp. Docs One Four Five, aka Fern. I don't have a pic of Skye, but Fern got second!

I want to try and get Missy a DUN Merit award that includes cards from the three types of performance, so I raced to get Fern's tack onto her for the non-stock Western Pleasure class. It's a pretty ugly picture (brown saddle on a brown horse, lol) but she was the only horse in the class - and she got her Western DUN card!

Trail came next, and Skye got first (!). The saddle she's wearing is a you-finish-it by Kirsteen Haley. I've had it for almost a year, and though I 'finished' it for PEL, I am going to take the decorations off and try again as I don't really like it.

Fern, I think, came third in the trail class, but no pics.

From my pics it looks like Fern got Champion Western Arena Performance, and Skye got Reserve, but I'm not entirely sure if that's right. I'll come back and edit when the results are out!

Onto the last category of the day - Other Western! The first class up was Cattle Events, in which I had no entries, but Lisa had an EFC Stone Chips model, and cow. OMG the cow was just adorable. I think she's called it Brisket. lol.

The other entry in the class was with a Nokota, who is owned by Carolyn.

Onto Speed Games! Carolyn had a very pink barrel racing entry on her palomino Roxy (I don't know why this pic is sideways - sorry!),

and I got to debut my super-special Evelyn Munday saddle on dp. Jetsettin Playboy, aka Rocky, with another barrel racing set up. I was stoked when he won! Go, little zoom-zoom pony!

The very last class was Other Western Performance. Lisa's Stone Chips won with his reining set up,

and Rocky came fourth with his reining set up after a quick rein-change.

Fern came third with a bareback entry (that that, judges who thing doll-less bareback entries should be banned!),

and Skye got a second with a Western riding setup.

It's all downhill from here! Lisa's adorable Stone Chips model was awarded Reserve Champion Other Western Performance, and Rocky got Champion! Don't have pics of either, oddly enough.)

But it gets better! Then he was awarded Grand Champion Western Performance!

Reserve Grand went to Lisa's Stone Chips!

And then we had to decide Supreme! To recap, it was out of the Arabian Costume entry (whose owners had gone home, so Karen used the photos on my camera), Polo Pony, and Rocky. I couldn't bear to watch, so I busied myself with packing up while Karen contemplated over the choice.

Rocky was the eventual winner! I totally thought it would be the costume entry - it was a really detailed costume!

But little zoomy pony and his orange saddle took home the starry ribbon. Yay! Thanks Karen!

I've gone from never winning a Supreme, to winning two in one day, plus two Grand Champions! I don't think it gets much better than this!

Thank you, Lisa, for running PEL - I do hope we can put it on again in the future!

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