Sunday, September 12, 2010


It's nice to clear something off the workspace that's been hanging around for a while. I started this bridle back in July, and completed all bar the reins as I had no bit.  So I set it out of the way until I could place a TWMHC order, and consequently a bit for this bridle.

I am well aware it looks blah on Ideal. There's a reason for that - it's meant for someone bigger. An EJ, in fact. I just hope it fits since this was made from measurements only! This bridle belongs to the owner of the sneak peak a few posts down, and her order is due to be delivered tomorrow, so hopefully I will have proper photos for the blog.

Stable halters are underrated. They are so useful, but I rarely see them in photo shows because people tend to favour breed-specific halters and bridles. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you're on a budget, a stable halter can work for just about every breed.

I judged a photo show last weekend and one of the entrants was using wool to make a basic type of halter for her models. Compared to the other entrants in the class, her models were coming last, or not placing at all. I felt bad, so I made her this halter to borrow for a while. Hopefully she will use it and take some new photos of her models so she can improve her entries.

(The risk with being generous like this is that some people will reject your offer. Some even get a little snippy and offended.  I do hope the recipient sees this for what it is - an innocent, friendly offer, and that I'm not having a go at her entries.)

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