Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cleaning up

Last week was very productive. Firstly, I finished off Lisa's bridle for her Greylea Whisper resin (a large classic); this bridle had been hanging around on my desk for ages, so it's nice to finally finish it off. I have a love-hate relationship with braided reins in classic scale. They tend to be the last part of the project that I work on.

(Sorry about the hand pics - the bridle is a bit big for my models. Hopefully Lisa will grace me with pictures.)

Secondly, I made the one-ear browband and a slightly longer crownpiece for Lisa's bridle that is meant to go with the Erin Corbett saddle:

Then, I started making a Western show halter for Delta (the model above). I got as far as making the throatlatch... and then realised I had no chocolate 2mm leather! That's the worst feeling ever. So I set aside the chocolate throatlatch... and made a show halter in natural/light oil instead.

Doesn't Rocky look handsome? Admittedly he doesn't actually have much use for a show halter, but I figure it wouldn't look out of place in a liberty photo. Maybe one day I'll have another stock breed with a fat head that can use it.

Lastly, Dan sent back the fail bridles I made for her, and I worked on the blue gaming bridle today. In the end I gave it a whole new headstall, noseband, noseband hanger and browband, and shortened the cheek pieces. The only thing that remained the same was the reins. Live and learn, I suppose! And at least I have Newsworthy measurements now.

I did go to the Royal Show on Tuesday. I'll post the pics eventually, I promise! I've just been feeling a bit off-colour this week.

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