Monday, November 19, 2012

It followed me home, Mum...

... Can we keep it? :D

Unfortunately this big boy is only here for a short stay, just long enough to get some new clothes of the leather kind. He is one of Karen Grigson's newest projects, and I don't think he has a name as yet. (He's not finished, so ignore the paint marks from Equitana, hehe).

Isn't he fantastic? I can't believe he started out as the bubble-butt Belgian! Check out those fuzzy ears - and that beard!

Karen has given me almost-free rein on the stallion rig I am to make for him. Luckily, with Shires there is lots of variety - so I have a tough choice ahead of me! I do know he is going to look absolutely swish all dressed up.

I don't know what colour his flights (ribbons) will be, so I can't do a snazzy set with coloured nylon like this

or swish coloured leather inserts like this:


(To be fair, I don't think my leather skills are good enough to pull off a bridle like that!)

But there are still plenty of other options. I could go American-style:

or give it lots of bling.

I could go a little bit plain and workman-like,

or somewhere in between.

It's so hard to choose! Sure you don't want to choose for me, Karen?

1 comment:

  1. Lol, NO BLING! :D My inner Welsh pony showy screams!
    Oh he does have a name too, 'Ferguson' as in Massey Ferguson, 'cause he is the size and weight of a tractor.
    Cannot wait to see where you go with his tack, I know it is going to be wonerful :)