Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm starting to feel all harnessed out.

Lisa's collar for her harness is still causing me grief. While I now have a general idea as to how I want to proceed, I have another issue - I don't have any leather left. The gloving leather (0.3mm kangaroo) I have, I bought as offcuts from someone off ebay. He has since moved overseas and has no stock left. I emailed Robyn but she could only suggest using TWMHC's stuff - but that only comes in natural and dying is not something I feel comfortable tackling right now (plus I can't afford extra accessories).

Trawling ebay has found me no bargains. I tried skiving down my roo offcuts from Amazing Oz, but I couldn't get it consistently thin enough. I've emailed them to see if they know of anywhere I could find some gloving leather - that's not lambskin or pigskin. If they don't know of anyone, then I guess Lisa will just have to deal with a breastcollar! :(

I received my pleasure cart for Fluffy (extreme custom Breyer Man O War by Sue Kern to a QH stallion) the other day so I'm challenging myself to see if I can make a pleasure harness for him before Knox City Live, which is exactly one month away.

Trying to find good reference photos is driving (ha!) me to tears. Either pleasure driving (the class for stock breeds) is not as popular as I thought, and/or I'm not using the right terms. I have a total of three or so large photos of the harness to work off of, and don't get me started on the overcheck. That is one area I know zilch about. Plus there's conflicting information on them too. Sadly I can't get away without one - Aus QHA specify it must be used. I'm just going to guess and hope I get it vaguely right.

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