Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Glue hunt

Mail day! My TWMHC order arrived.

Hames for Lisa's harness, two pairs of racing stirrups (one set for Dan, the other for my DUN donation), two bits for the two harnesses, one bit for me and some hooks.

It's Tuesday which is shopping day for me (lol) since it's my day off. As I promised earlier, I went glue hunting.

Unfortunately, the bargain gods weren't smiling on me today and I only came home with four.

Three, technically. I know the Tarzan's Grip glue isn't great for bridles, but its tendency to go stringy  does have a benefit - it can be pulled off if I forget to wipe it off. (See the trim on the harness saddle below - that visible glue will come right off with no damage.)

The other three glues are not ones I've tried before. The 450 was recommended to me by the cashier at Riot Art (who asked when the wedding was when I said I make miniature bridles :P), and I bought the little red craft glue bottle because it sounded feasible. The Selley's tube says the glue won't dry too quickly, but it might be worth a try. If it doesn't work for me, I'm sure my dad (handyman) will find a use for it!

To test out the glues I'll spend today making a few halters. I may also make a set of boots to see if any of the glues will work with my skiver (which is unfortunately weatherproofed).

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