Saturday, January 22, 2011


T"he more I've worked on this bridle for Dan, the more convinced I am that Smarty Jones was made for this colour. But I bet if I make a donation bridle in this colour, the person who received it would not have a Smarty, so I think I'll wait and hope that someone will just order one instead. :D

Speaking of orders, here's a Western halter order, made to fit Zippo (hopefully! I had to work off measurements). I was surprised to note that this is the first Western halter I've made on this dark brown colour.  I think it came out very nice anyway, and will be in the mail soon for its new owner. I added silver tips to the crownpiece after these photos were taken.

Back to Dan's bridle. The entire set is FINISHED! (Unless she wants to change something else. :P)

It's made to fit Ruffian, who I no longer have, so this is mostly made from measurements.

She has a longer head than Smarty,  but these pictures are on him as Dan also has a Smarty and she can compare that way. Fingers crossed it will fit!

 I did originally make it with buckle reins, but Dan changed her mind.

Here it is on Mr Long Head, Lonesome Glory.

My donation for the Down Under Nationals show (the Australian equivalent of NAN) will be a racing set, so it's nice to get some more practise in before I start on that project.

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