Sunday, January 23, 2011

EQ2010 - Jump and Drive

I carried on about this event prior to going to Equitana, so I wonder why it's taken me so long to post it! Silly me.

This is an event that seems more competition-for-the-sake-of-entertainment rather than an actual event, so I don't think we'll be seeing many jump and drive model horse set ups in the near future, unless it's in the Scene class as a demonstration!

Unfortunately, we were at the wrong end of the arena for this event, so the light changed mid-way and my photos are kind of bad. See them anyway after the jump!

An arena is set up with a short course of show jumps, and with precision cones set up alongside the jumps. In this case the riders participating were well-known in the horse world, so the jumps were fairly high.

Horse and rider tackle the show jumps as fast as they can:

and then ride to the edge of the arena and dismount.

As fast as they can, they leave their mount and run to the waiting driving team (in this case, these were the competitors from the pairs obstacle driving event shown before this), 

jump on the backstep as groom,


and head for the obstacle course!

There are the same number of cone obstacles as there are show jumps, and the pattern is similar.

The entire event (jumps + driving) is given one single time. Both poles down in the showjumping, and balls down in the driving, are counted as faults. As with showjumping, the fastest time with a clear round is the winner.

We didn't stay long enough to see who won, but I hope it was those adorable pinto minis!

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