Thursday, December 9, 2010

One step forward, one step back

This halter is really starting to annoy me. I made the changes I had mentioned in my other post that I thought would fix the problem with the wonky cheek pieces (longer noseband, and fixed my leadrope fail too), and even added in an adjustable throatlatch, as I thought that may have been part of the problem. But see for yourself.

The left side looks okay...

But the right side is still wonky!

I have a couple of theories. One, the throatlatch is part of the problem. I used a thicker gauge wire than I normally do (26 gauge), as I think the 26 gauge makes too-thin a roll for traditionals. The wire I did use is some kind of household wire as that's all I had, but as well as being thicker, it's also stiffer and harder to bend. So there are two problems with this. It's difficult to refit to the horse's head, and obviously isn't as flexible.

The other issue with the throatlatch in general is that I'm beginning to think it is just a touch too long. I did make the throatlatch, cheekpieces (with three tubes) and noseband when I only had Ideal to use as a model, so I think that is part of the reason the thrlatch is too long as Ideal has a bit of a chunky head.

My other theory is that when I did the beading on this bridle, the bottom row on the right side came out a bit looser, which is why it hangs that way when it's on the horse. Bah!

I'm getting so frustrated with this halter. I think I will put it in the too-hard basket and move on from it.

Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

More supplies - finally! Not quite sure what Aus Post quarantine found so scary in there, since the other things quarantine doesn't like is animal and plant products. Maybe it was the paper? :P For what it's worth, quarantine doesn't seem to like the UK - I've ordered from there a few times and had packages opened. Oh well - the important bit is that they didn't remove anything - I would have raised fuss if they did!

This is the ebay order of hotfix nailheads, which included a few various sizes. As well as the ubiquitous round nailheads, I also picked up some square (pictured on the beaded halter above), tear drop and rectangle ones.

I am still waiting for another nailhead from the UK (different seller), and wonder if that too has been caught up in quarantine...

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