Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beaded Western show halter

So, let's take a break from the pretty ponies at Equitana to have a look at my latest project. This is a beaded halter, using those sterling silver beads I found on eBay and that I mentioned a few posts down. I had originally made this with three tubes on the cheek pieces, but when I tried the then partially-completed halter on Lady Phase, it was clear that I had made it way too big. So out came the needle and thread and I completely redid the cheek pieces with two tubes. (I don't have pictures of the in-between halter, so this is the finished piece as of today)

I also had to redo the crownpiece to be shorter than the working one I had been using most of the time. Looking at these pictures (there has been no adjustment or movement between the two pictures), I can see some other areas that need work:

1) The noseband is too short, and needs to be lengthened by 5mm or so. 2) The method I am using (cotton thread) for the beaded cheek pieces isn't working - they only hold the straight line when held tightly and/or at the right angle. When not at the right angle, the beads sag. (Looking at these pictures, I wonder if it is the short noseband that is affecting how the cheek pieces are sitting.) I also think the chain needs to be lengthened just a touch, too.

So I think my next attempt will be with wire instead of thread for the beads. I've no idea how this will hold up - more super glue may be in order.

Dan is at a live show with Riff Raff and some of my proxies today. To keep my mind off it I decided I should probably take my new camera for a proper spin and try some pony pictures. The only model of mine that really needs pictures at the moment is my Far Ute Keno. (I'm keeping the mare from the set, but she is being proxied by Dan at the moment.) Since Keno fits my classic QH mare bridles, I was hoping he would fit the halter too, but no such luck. So three hours later, he finally has a halter.

This halter also has something new - an adjustable connector strap under the head. This was way easier to construct that I thought (I thought it was more like a barcoo bridle cheek piece, but this is just your normal two-piece buckle and strap) so I think all of my Western halters from now on will have one.

In other news, look at what arrived in the mail the other day.

Another hobbyist on MHSP is getting out of the hobby and selling off their supplies. Look at all those classic bits! (I will be going back for her traditional etched bits too.) And as for the saddle tree and stirrups... Well, I'm not quite ready to get into saddle-making yet, but I am building up my supplies for when I am! (Next on the purchase list: paperwork from the Rio Rondo saddle kits)

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