Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sunday seems to be tack day at the moment. The weather was gorgeous again today and after I did some washing I settled in at my desk.

First up, I felt like doing something with a bit of colour. I have also always wanted to make something entirely with tongue buckles. I haven't yet done this, as I wasn't sure what width leather to use. I've found that I need to use lace at least 2mm in width, but English bridles don't have split crownpieces like some Western bridles do. I eventually decided to take the plunge and use a piece of 4.5mm lace for the crownpiece, and just seem what happens.

 The straps are a bit tight to wrestle through the buckles, but there it is! I had some dramas over how to construct the browband and noseband - whether to go the insert route, or put black padding/piping on red - as I couldn't find any reference pics online, but with with the insert method (which is really just laying the coloured lace over the top and gluing it into position). I think the 4.5mm crownpiece is too thick, but my supplier doesn't offer 4mm widths, so I think if there are to be tongue buckle bridles in the future, they will need to be on this lace.

While I was searching for reference pics for the light breed halter above, I came across this bridle. Jana Skybova has done a bridle with metal keepers, which I have admired, but I think the double keepers on a double bridle is too much bling for me. I was pleased to find a snaffle bridle version that wasn't so loud. I have some gold-coated lace, which I have been eager to use, so this seemed the perfect opportunity to have a play!

It's not finished, as I'm not sure what to do with the browband. I think it needs padding, and some kind of gold decoration, but I'm stuck. I'm also hesitant about doing buckles on the reins as well. I might sit on it for a few days and see if I get inspired any further. I am wondering whether I should do the black second keeper like the original has, or if that will just be too much. I suppose there is one already on the throatlatch, so it couldn't hurt to finish it off in the same pattern!

In other news, my Rio Rondo order that was shipped on the 28th September is officially missing. :( It sucks, as I really needed those buckles! Not happy, Jan. I'm hoping it's just caught up in the (early?) Christmas mail, but as time goes on there's less chance of it turning up. The (vague) upside is that this is my first missing parcel in the five or so years I've been a hobbyist, so at least it wasn't a pony!

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