Thursday, August 19, 2010

Royal Melbourne Show

I'm excited! The Royal Melbourne Show begins in a month. It's a spectacular 10-day event which includes your standard showbags and thrill rides, but also has a multitude of events, including, of course, the horse events.

I'm a terrible photographer, but I like to go, not only to practice my photography, but to see some excellent competition, and adorable kids on ponies. And, of course, get reference photos for model horse performance!

See all the pictures under the cut!

I only managed to go to two days last year, but here are some of my favourite photos. The bush games and the Double Dan display were on both days, and I was sitting between two rings, so the photos might seem out of order, but they aren't. :)

This picture is one of the few that turned out well from the show jumping. My dinky point-and-shoot is not made for action shots! (On a side note, I had someone make me that butterfly jump in the background.)

The three pictures above are from a 'Bush Games' display/competition.They had four teams, each denoted by the colour flags/jumpers, and ran several games. Unfortunately my memory is terrible and I can't remember much else, but I'm sure they will do the display again. Maybe I'll remember to take notes this year.

This is Dan [Steers or James, I'm not sure] and his gorgeous Quarter Horse stallion whose name I have forgotten. They are part of the Double Dan Horsemanship display, with the other Dan [Steers or James]. The display goes for about three minutes and includes the whip-cracking display seen above.

This year I'm hoping to catch harness Clydies, light harness and the Aussie Stock Horses on the 20th, saddle ponies (hacking is the most boring event in the world, but ponies!), fancy dress and showjumping on the 26th and more ponies, including show hunter and Shetlands, and showjumping on the 27th. Hopefully I will have some nice photos to post here afterwards.

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