Thursday, November 25, 2010

Equitana 2010

I haven't dropped dead from exhaustion after Equitana, I promise, though I am thoroughly sunburnt. I've just been so busy catching up with work that I haven't really had time to do anything productive tack-wise. I lie, I made some emergency Western skid boots and no-turn bell boots last night for a friend's live show entry next week, but I didn't even get pictures for the blog! Hopefully she will be a good friend and send me pictures after I hassle her every day.

So, Equitana report. The weather was ridiculously Melbourne (rainy, then sunny; wash, rinse, repeat all day Thursday, then 24 degrees C and rising over Friday, Saturday and Sunday). We ended up seeing at least a bit of every event except the polo (the area they used wasn't big enough so they weren't going fast and I got bored...) and horseball (sick of the stupid heat by that stage). I'll split the events into different posts, but my reports will take a while as I have 1800-odd photos to go through... I'm used to, oh, 500 or so with my dinky point-and-shoot!

My new camera is a Nikon D40X DSLR, which is much bigger and fancier than my current Fuji s1000fd. I've only had a brief play with tack photos with the Nikon and it's not too happy about them, so I guess the Fuji will be sticking around for a bit.

To keep you going until the next post, here's some bad pictures of the girth I made for Rosie's saddle; the girth that came with the saddle originally was far too short. The girth is by Robyn McCrae, and the doll is a Heidi Ott doll customised by Lori Batchelor. (Ignore Felice just chillin in the back!)

Next up I have a couple of bridles to work on - Rosie's bridle, and the bridle I made a while ago for Lisa's classic Whisper resin.

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